Julie Grollier
spin torque

Collaborations at Paris-Saclay University

Alice Mizrahi Researcher at Thales
Danijela Markovic Researcher at UMPhy-CNRS
Damien Querlioz Researcher at C2N-CNRS
Teodora Petrisor Research engineer at Thales

Early-career research collaborators

Marie Drouhin Computing with memristors, undergraduate student
Jack, Shuai Li Computing with memristors, postdoc
Dedalo Sanz Hernandez Bio-inspired Spintronics computing, post-doc
Maxence Ernoult Memristors and AI, undergraduate student
André Chanthbouala Memristors and AI, post-doc
Jérémie Laydevant AI and spintronics, undergraduate student
Nathan Leroux Neuromorphic Spintronics, undergraduate student
Erwann Martin, Memristors and AI, undergraduate student

Former students and Post-docs

Alexey Khvalkovskiy, Director of Product Engineering at Crocus Nano Electronics
Nicolas Locatelli Professor-teacher in Higher School Preparatory Classes
Rie Matsumoto Researcher at AIST, Tsukuba, Japan
Peter Metaxas Research Assistant Professor at UWA, Perth, Australia
Joao Sampaio CNRS Researcher at LPS Orsay, France
Stéphanie Girod Research engineer at Institut Gabriel Lippman, Luxembourg
Junior Lopez Post-doc at Aarhus University
Gwendal Lecerf Project Manager at Inovelec
Sören Boyn Engineer at Sensirion, Zurich
Alice Mizrahi Research engineer in Thales (Physics team)
Steven Lequeux Post-doc in Spintec, Grenoble, France
Daniele Pinna Post-doc at the University of Mainz, Germany
Jacob Torrejon Bioinformatic Scientist at Institut Curie, France
Flavio Abreu Araujo Post-doc at Université de Louvain la Neuve, Belgium
Mathieu Riou Research engineer in Thales (AI team)
Philippe Talatchian Postdoc at NIST Gaithersburg
Miguel Romera Post-doc at Universidad Complutense, Madrid
André Chanthbouala, Post-doc at CNRS/Thales (memristors and AI), France